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Vacuum mixing and stirring dryer
Equipment name: Vacuum mixing and stirring dryer
Equipment model: QFN-DMIX-100L
Equipment specification: 100L/batch(Support customization)
Test run: Support machine test and experiment
Scope of application: Mixing, drying and wide application range of crystal materials
Applicable scenario: University scientific research, chemical industry, food, pesticide, medicine, biological industry, etc
Warranty or not: National three-year warranty
Consultation telephone: 17317246351

1、 Product Overview
DMIX vacuum low temperature dryer is a multi-functional fully closed vertical vacuum drying equipment that integrates drying and mixing. Its drying efficiency is 3~5 times that of the "double cone rotary vacuum dryer" of the same specification.
Equipment structure features and functions
1) Heating can be selected inside the spiral belt to increase the overall heating area of the equipment by 30%.
2) The spiral belt stirrer can achieve the effect of circulating stirring from bottom to top, and can obtain the forced heat transfer performance. When the material filling rate is between 30% and 99%, it can be well heated and utilized. Suitable for mixing and drying of crystal materials.
3) Fully closed system, no foreign matter pollution, high cleanliness, especially suitable for mixing and drying of sterile biological products, drugs, etc.
4) The interval between the stirrer belt heating screw belt and the cone is 5mm to 8mm. Compared with the double-cone vacuum mixing dryer, the main body of the equipment does not need to rotate, and the vacuum extraction port does not need a rotary joint, which ensures the vacuum degree and stability of work.
5) The conical cylinder structure with small angle is adopted to make the unloading speed fast, clean and free of material accumulation.
6) The tank body and discharge valve can be equipped with online cleaning (CIP) and online sterilization (SIP).
7) The vacuum port dust filter adopts titanium alloy sintered screen, which can be repeatedly cleaned and used, with high strength and no fiber shedding and damage. Reverse blowing can be used to clean the dust.
8) The equipment has compact structure, stable operation, good sealing, no lubrication leakage, simple operation and long service life.
Introduction video of vacuum mixing and mixing dryer
2、 Working principle
This machine is driven by an explosion-proof motor and a screw stirrer through a reducer. The material with animals rotates along the conical cylinder wall and is lifted from bottom to top. After reaching the highest point, the material automatically flows to the center of the vortex and returns to the bottom of the conical cylinder under the action of gravity and inertia. A series of processes force the material to be heated in the conical cylinder, mutual diffusion, convection, shearing, dislocation and mixing, making the material move in an all-round irregular reciprocating motion, Complete high-frequency heat transfer and exchange of materials with spiral belt and cylinder wall surface, and achieve the effect of heating and drying in a short time.
3、 Overall equipment parameters
 Model: QFN-DIMX-100L
 Capacity: 100L
Working volume: 20-70L
 Speed: 0-25 rpm
Transmission power: 1.5KW
 Operation time: depending on material conditions
 Tank design pressure: 0.09Mpa
Design pressure of interlayer: 0.5 Mpa
 Design temperature in barrel: 0-200 ℃
4、 Equipment operation
1. Check whether all parts operate normally before starting.
2. When adding materials, start the mixing first and then add materials. Do not start the motor after filling the material, which will damage the bearing, reducer, motor and mixing shaft. Therefore, the equipment must be operated according to the operating instructions. (The equipment operation instructions and brief operating instructions will be provided when leaving the factory)
3. Check whether the discharge valve is closed before starting.
4. When the equipment is started up, the sealing mechanism must ensure the normal circulation of cooling water. After the equipment is stopped, the water cooling can be stopped only after the equipment temperature drops below 70 ℃. It is not allowed to stop the water cooling immediately after the equipment is stopped, which will cause damage to the seals.
5. When mixing materials, the materials shall not exceed 60% of the total volume, otherwise the equipment will be damaged and the use effect will be affected.
6. Please read and check the above carefully before operating and using the equipment.

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