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Boiling granulation dryer 5L
Device name: 5L boiling granulation dryer
Equipment model: QFN-BY-5000 (customized version)
Rated processing capacity: 4-5 kg/batch
Test machine: Support machine testing and experimentation
Applicable scope: Various particles and pellets, etc
Applicable scenario: University research, chemical engineering, food, pesticide, pharmaceutical, biological industries, etc
Warranty or not: National three-year warranty
Consultation hotline: 17317246351
1、 Working principle of boiling granulation dryer:

QFN multi-function boiling granulation dryer is a multi-functional equipment integrating spray drying granulation centrifugal pelleting fluidization coating drying. It is compatible with a variety of process operations. Especially suitable for multi variety and multi dosage granulation, pill making, and coating in industries such as medicine, food, and chemical industry. Equipment use: The material is suspended under the action of clean hot air flow (negative pressure) to form a fluidized state, and its surface is in complete contact with hot air, evenly heated, and reaches a heat exchange state, thus having good efficiency. With proper spray system and further improvement of fluidized bed function and structure, the characteristics of fluidized bed spray drying granulation and coating are more closely displayed, which means that it becomes a multi-purpose process equipment with both drying, granulation and coating.

Boiling granulation dryer

2、 Introduction to the process of boiling granulation dryer:

Pour granulation powder or coating particle (powder) materials into the fluidized bed, where cold air enters from the heating chamber at the rear of the host. After being filtered and heated by the heater to the required temperature for air intake, the particles enter the fluidized bed. The powder (particle) is fluidized in the bed, and the granulation adhesive is fed into the dual fluid atomizer by the infusion pump. After atomization, it is sprayed onto the fluidized material.

3、 Equipment characteristics of boiling granulation dryer:

Integrating multiple functions such as granulation, pill making, and coating. Granulation of powder materials.

Powder material coating.

Thin film, enteric coated, slow and controlled release coating for powders, granules, and pellets.

Masking, moisture-proof, oxidation resistant, waterproof, insulated, colored, and insulated coating.

4、 Technical parameters of boiling granulation dryer:

1. Feed rate 4-5 kg/batch (boiling granulation)

2. Fan power 2.2 kW (variable frequency speed regulation)

3. Compressed air consumption 0.4 m ³/ min

4. Electric heating power 10KW

5. Peristaltic pump flow rate ≤ 500ml/min

5. Electrical control PLC+touch screen

6. Equipment weight is approximately 550 (Kg)

7. Overall dimensions of the host 1.2 × zero point seven × 2.3 meters

8. Within the range of room temperature -120 ℃
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