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Centrifugal air dual use spray dryer QFN- LE type
Device Name: Dual purpose spray dryer for centrifugal air flow
Equipment type: QFN- LE type
Equipment specifications: 10Kg/h (customized support)
Test machine: Support the test machine to do the experiment
Scope of application: Powdered and granular solid products are produced in solution, emulsion, suspension and paste liquid raw materials.
Applicable scenarios: Scientific research, chemical industry, food, pesticide, medicine and biological industry in Universities
Is it guaranteed? Three-year National Warranty
Consultation telephone: 17317246351
Brief introduction of equipment

This spray dryer consists of eight systems: feeding system, atomizing system, drying tower, material recovery system, tail gas treatment system, heating system, piping system and control system.  

Introduction of Equipment Principle
      The spray dryer makes the drying equipment for treating the solution, suspension or slurry material. The basic process is the atomization of the material through the atomization.The device forms a fog droplet to disperse in the hot air stream. The air is sent to the air heater through a blower, and then heated into the spray dryer.Dry in contact with droplets. One part of the product falls into the bottom of the tower and is separated from the gas. The other part is sucked into the cyclone separator by the induced draft fan and exhausted after separation.  The airflow spray dryer is named after the use of an airflow nebulizer. The working principle of airflow atomizer is to use high speed.Airflow splits the liquid film. Compressed air is used for high-speed airflow. The flow rate of the liquid is very low when the compressed air is in a high ring.When the gap velocity is ejected from the atomizer, there is a great velocity difference between the two, which causes friction and shear force between gas and liquid. In an instant, the liquid is pulled into thin filaments, which break quickly at smaller points and form tiny droplets.  The centrifugal spray dryer mainly uses the swivel atomizer to spin the droplet at high speed, and also becomes a powder or granule after hot air drying.The spray dryer is a dual-purpose type of centrifugal and airflow. When the experimental demand powder is airflow type, the air flow type has long service life and is not easy to damage. At the same time, it is also a drawback of the centrifugal atomizer. When the experimental demand is uniform powder or granule, the centrifugal atomization system is selected to spray dry.

Equipment parameters:

ØInner diameter of tower


External diameter of Kata


O intake air volume

600 m/h, frequency converter regulation

O air intake volume

600 m3 / h

Bah intake temperature

One60 - 250 degrees

Click air temperature


Evaporation of water

10 kg /h

O solid content


O heat source

Electric heating

Gathering method

Cloth bag dust removal, tower bottom, cyclone three points of collection.

Bag Material

Dongli, Japan

Bah atomization mode

Centrifugal and airflow dual-purpose

Does Bag Dust Removal System Contain


Belt purge device

Anti sticking wall 

Chuck beater

Pulse type

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