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DMIX Vacuum Low Temperature Dryer
Device Name: DMIX Vacuum Low Temperature Dryer
Equipment type: DMIX -500L
Equipment specifications: 500L/batch (support customization)
Test machine: Support the test machine to do the experiment
Scope of application: Mixing, efficient drying and wide application of crystal materials
Applicable scenarios: Scientific research, chemical industry, food, pesticide, medicine and biological industry in Universities
Is it guaranteed? Three-year National Warranty
Consultation telephone: 17317246351

I. Product Profile:

The working process of DMIX vacuum mixing dryer is batch operation. After wet materials enter the silo, they are dried by jacket and stirring heating. By choosing suitable single-cone vacuum dryer (working volume), the required processing capacity can be achieved. The mixer and mixing screw with up-driving structure can be separated and assembled in segments. Because of the ample installation space, the single-cone spiral vacuum dryer is suitable for use and maintenance in GMP workshop. At the same time, the single-cone spiral vacuum dryer has 3-4 times the efficient drying and mixing capacity of double-cone vacuum dryer, and the materials can be separated and assembled. The filling rate is 10%-100%. The cantilever screw stirring can achieve high mixing accuracy. Under the harsh conditions of adding a small amount of materials to a large number of materials, it can also be mixed evenly in the dryer. Because of its unique mild stirring characteristics, even products sensitive to drying treatment will not be damaged, and the driving power required is relatively low. The high vacuum design of the dryer has obvious advantages for the products sensitive to drying temperature, and has good heat conductivity, fast drying, and low energy consumption. The filter directly connected with the dryer can retain the dust particles in the processing area. The machine uses an inflatable sealed hemispherical valve, which can discharge materials thoroughly and conveniently. It has excellent vacuum and pressure sealing performance, no dead angle, easy to clean design, stable performance and long service life, so as to ensure that you can continue processing products without loss. Such a multi-purpose drying/mixing equipment is your ideal equipment to meet production needs.

II. Working Principle:
The heating cone is equipped with a heating jacket. The heat source is hot water, heat conducting oil or low pressure steam, so that the inner wall of the cone keeps a certain temperature. Frequency conversion speed regulating motor drives single screw mixer to rotate through parallel helical gear reducer, and takes animal material to rotate along the conical cylinder and raise from bottom to top. When material reaches the top, it will automatically flow to the center of the vortex and return to the bottom of the conical cylinder. The whole process makes the material forced heating in the conical cylinder, relative convection and mixing, and the heat diffuses in the material to make the material diffuse. All-round irregular reciprocating motion of material is made to complete the high-frequency heat transfer and exchange of material on the surface of cylinder wall, so as to achieve the effect of heating and drying in a short time. So that the moisture in the material evaporates continuously. Under the action of vacuum pump, water vapor is drawn out by vacuum pump. If the recovered liquid is needed, condenser can be added and the recovered liquid storage tank can be recovered. After drying, open the lower discharging valve for discharging.
3. Technical advantages:
Compared with the old drying equipment, DMIX vacuum mixing dryer operates in a fully closed condition, with material lifting and material self-dispersing.
1. Fast drying speed
Spiral agitation can lift the material from the bottom to the highest point and then disperse freely, resulting in the continuous movement of the material in the jacket hot zone. Increase the heating area and keep the material moving in loose condition.
2. In the process of material drying, the vacuum pipeline can be smoothly dried by the back-blowing system installed in the trap.
3. The Role of Nitrogen

For example:

(1) When the vacuum pumping reaches 0.99 Pa, the dryer also reaches 0.99 Pa. The water extracted by the dryer, the solvent can not be extracted from the trap, they have been balanced. At this time, we need to break the balance. Our company's nitrogen supplement system can supply nitrogen from the bottom of the material, and supply nitrogen without affecting the vacuum. The water suspended in the tank and the solvent are sent to the vacuum trap and removed from the vacuum tube.

(2) Nitrogen can protect the material from oxidation and play a stable role in the process of heating and drying.
(3) Nitrogen can play the role of flame-proof and explosion-proof.
(4) When the same temperature nitrogen enters the dryer, no condensation will occur. At the same time, the 5-8mm material at the bottom is pushed up, eliminating the phenomenon of dead-corner aggregation.
4. There is a qualitative difference between the single cone temperature measuring system produced by our company and that produced by other countries. Our temperature measuring probe is between the axle and the material of the jacket. The temperature in the middle is the most accurate, and the temperature inserted from the outside of the jacket is inaccurate because the jacket is heated.
5. There are some difficulties in cleaning DMIX vacuum mixing dryer, especially on the back of the blade. In order to clean the back of the blade, our company has made a special cleaning gun.

The stainless steel hemispherical valve is independently improved by the company. It has nitrogen gas passage. See the description of nitrogen gas supplement device for details.

Technical parameters:
1. Service temperature of equipment tank: 50-200 C
2. Heating temperature of jacket: 0-200 C
3. Equipment working pressure: tank body: 0-0.096 MPa, jacket: 0-0.3 MPa
4. Heating area in equipment: 2.8m_
5. Equipment volume: 500L, processing capacity: 200-300L/batch
6. Heating medium: heat conducting oil (electric heating type)
7. Equipment installed power: 5.5 kw
8. Usage Voltage: Three-phase 380V-50HZ, Single-phase 220V-50HZ
9. Stirring speed: 1-36 (rpm)
10. Drying end moisture: 1000 ppm

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