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How to choose the high quality of small spray drier
2018/7/27 16:47:02

As we all know, the pharmaceutical industry is different from the general production industry, and the requirements in all aspects will be stricter. As far as production enterprises are concerned, the selection of production equipment must also meet many specifications and requirements. In the process of producing pharmaceuticals, it is often necessary to dry. Nowadays, the drying of drugs can achieve a good effect by using special spray dryer.
First, when choosing a small spray dryer for pharmaceuticals, we must consider whether it can meet the requirements of hygienic quality. In practice, the air entering the tower must be cleaned after treatment. Besides, the running status of the drying tower should be kept under the condition of micro positive pressure. The material is output at the bottom of the cone of the drying tower, and then the product is collected and packed in the clean room.
Second, when choosing a small spray dryer for pharmaceuticals, it is necessary to consider whether it will pollute the product or not. All the materials and hot wind places need to be made of stainless steel. In order to not pollute the goods, the stainless steel should also meet the drug material. Acidity and alkalinity (PH) requirements.
Third, the question to be considered is whether to meet the requirements of environmental protection. As a production enterprise, this is also a very important aspect. When the special spray dryer is used, the equipment should be dedusting accordingly. In this way, it can reach the standard of exhaust emission concentration.
Fourth, in the use of a small pharmaceutical small spray dryer, it is necessary to ensure that the equipment has a good sealing effect, will not bring new pollution sources, and the inner wall is smooth and flat, and the structure should be simplified as far as possible, easy to clean, reliable operation.Click into the details.

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