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Honeysuckle vacuum freeze drying machine equipment
2018/6/22 17:31:27

Honeysuckle vacuum freeze dryer, Lonicera japonica freeze dryerThere is a larger area of freeze-drying to ensure the needs of the user's freeze-drying; the freeze drying medium uses silicon oil to refrigerate, which ensures the requirements of temperature and the stability of the temperature; the freeze-drying method produces in situ prefreezing to ensure the convenience and simplicity of the freeze drying process; the vacuum freeze drying process can be followed by the LED screen or the computer display temperature curve, even more straight. Look at the change in the product.

1、Honeysuckle vacuum freeze dryer, Lonicera japonica freeze dryerCharacteristic:

Honeysuckle vacuum freeze dryer, Lonicera japonica freeze dryerIt is an internationally popular structural form.

The pre freezing and drying process is carried out in situ, reducing the locking process in the drying process and realizing automation. The observation window is set up, and the drying process is intuitive.

Touch screen LCD display, PID intelligent adjustment, display the drying process in curve and data way, and provide users with more information about the drying process.

* self cascade refrigeration technology, imported brand compressors guarantee the equipment running low noise, large refrigeration capacity and large water catching capacity, and reduce freeze drying time.

The square shelf is not easy to deform, easy to operate and easy to clean. The drying room adopts a high transparent and colorless transparent plexiglass door, which can be cleaned during operation.

A clear observation of the change process of the material.

The cold trap and working face are stainless steel, corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

The shelf temperature is about 1 degrees centigrade and the drying effect is uniform.

The shelf temperature can be adjusted, controlled, and can be explored in pilot and production processes.

Configuration inflatable valve, can be filled with drying inert gas;

It can be equipped with eutectic point test device, and automatic plugging device can be selected.

Optional temperature recorder

2、Honeysuckle vacuum freeze dryer, Lonicera japonica freeze dryerParameters:


5 effective dry area

Partition number 5+1

Partition temperature range -50 C - +70 C

The temperature difference of the partition board is 1

Partition spacing 70mm

Partition size 915*1210*25mm

22 west forest bottle 11400

16 west forest bottle 21600

12 west forest bottle 39460

The minimum temperature of cold well is less than -70 C (no-load)

Water capture capacity 3KG/h

Disk liquid (maximum 50L)

Selection of electric defrosting

Limit vacuum degree less than 10Pa

Cooling mode air cooling: good ventilation, room temperature less than 25 degrees C

Pressure plug (cap type)

Reference shape size 500*400*370 mm

The power of the whole machine is 850 W

3、Honeysuckle vacuum freeze dryer, Lonicera japonica freeze dryerRemarks:

Qiao Feng can customize the production of 10 -100, ensure temperature stability, ensure perfect production, multiple models configuration, if specific requirements, please call for consultation.

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