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Ultrafine powder spray dryer (customized)
Device Name: Ultrafine powder spray dryer
Equipment type: QFN-CX-3 (customized)
Equipment specifications: 3Kg/h (support customization)
Test machine: Support the test machine to do the experiment
Scope of application: Powdered and granular solid products are produced in solution, emulsion, suspension and paste liquid raw materials.
Applicable scenarios: Scientific research, chemical industry, food, pesticide, medicine and biological industry in Universities
Is it guaranteed? Three-year National Warranty
Consultation telephone: 17317246351

1. Equipment characteristics

  1. The air atomization spray has small angle and will not collide with the wall.
  2. Drying to achieve 1-8 micron small particle size powder;
  3. The normal normal distribution of particle size is steeper and the particle size is more uniform.
  4. Adjustable particle size
  5. Material application scope is wider
  6. The whole atomizing mechanism has no plastic gaskets, no motors, long service life and easy maintenance.
  7. It can be upgraded to a coating atomizing mechanism for precise steel, and can use various metal materials.
  8. The atomizing mechanism is easy to disassemble, assemble and clean, and easy to maintain.

2. Equipment superiority

  1. An innovative airflow atomization structure is adopted in the atomization system. The airflow atomization structure adopts two-hole deviation mechanism to realize two-stage atomization. The uniformity of droplets is good. The particle size can be adjusted according to the two-dimensional curve of QFN-CX-NZY8-075VER2018-1A atomization system.
  2. The spray nozzle of the atomization system is coated with diamond, which is more wear-resistant than the ordinary SUS304 material. The service life of SUS304 is 10 times higher than that of SUS304.
  3. It can be upgraded to low temperature spray dryer (with Jo Maple's low temperature drying system QFN-CX-5-MD10), and spray drying is achieved at a minimum of 35 degrees Celsius. It is of great significance for the research and development of new materials. It can achieve spray drying of materials in a large interval of 35-280 degrees Celsius. The spray drying machine with high and low temperature can be realized. It is different from the high temperature spray dryer with a general temperature of 180-280 degrees Celsius.
  1. Particle size detection (data from customers):

2-D Curve of QFN-PWCX-NZY8VER2018-075A Atomization System
Line reading
1 indicates the spray volume of a nozzle (l/hr).
The red line represents the compressed air PA (MPA), the blue line represents the liquid pressure, the PW (MPA), and the green line represents the QA/QW steam-water ratio.
3. Measurement of 2-D Curves of 4. QFN-PWCX-NZY8VER2018-075A Atomization System by Toplephic Method
Line reading
1 indicates the spray volume of a nozzle (l/hr).
The red line represents the compressed air PA (MPA), the blue line represents the liquid pressure, the PW (MPA), and the green line represents the QA/QW steam-water ratio.
4.The number inside represents the average SAUTER particle size (micron) measured by Toplephine.

QFN-CX-NZY8VER2018-075A atomization system:

For example, if the final average dry powder size is about 3 microns, the known condition is that the solid content of the feed solution is 10%.

Then the average wet droplet size required is 3/0.1=30 micron. The liquid intake is about 8 L/hr, the compressed air needs 0.2 MPA, and the intersection point is about 30 micron.
For droplets of other sizes, first determine the treatment capacity, make a vertical axis, find the approximate size of the droplets, and then find the intersection point to find the compressed air pressure.

Note: According to the influence parameters of density and viscosity of materials on droplets, the final average diameter of droplets should be 30 [-27,33]

5.Device parameters

Ultrafine powder spray dryer


QFN -CX-Five


Water evaporation




Minimum feed rate




Drying chamber diameter (mm)




Height of drying tower (mm)




Atomization structure

Single-hole misaligned atomization structure (QFN-CX-NZY8VER2018-1A)

Electric control system


Maximum intake temperature (Celsius)

Two hundred and sixty

Standards for main electronic control accessories (including PLC, analog module, touch screen) (optional)

Dimension Control Module (Standard)Delta Control Module_German Siemens Control Module

Selection Standard for Electronic Control Auxiliary Parts (Contactors, etc.) (Optional)

Zhengtai (Standard) Delicious Schneider Others________

Contact with material (optional)

"9745; SUS304 (26631;" 20934; 160;"160;" 160;"160;" SUS316 "160;" 1600;"D"20854;"20182;uses

Tail gas reuse, energy saving more than 30% (optional)

Non-assembly (Standard) Assembly

Atomizing nozzle (whether diamond coating is used)

SUS304 (Standard) SUS316 (Standard) SiC (Standard) Diamond

Equipment warranty

_1 year (standard, above need to charge a certain maintenance fee)2 years_3 years

Heater capacity




Blower [power (kw), air volume (m/min)]




Induced draft fan [power (kw), air volume (m/h)]




Compressor [Power (kw), Air Volume (L/min)]




Electricity (installed capacity)




Thermal insulation material

50mm Glass Fiber Thermal Insulation Cotton

50mm Glass Fiber Thermal Insulation Cotton

50mm Glass Fiber Thermal Insulation Cotton

_Pulse bag filter (optional)

Polytetrafluoro Film Coating Material

4 only

4 only

9 Only

Profile Size (mm) (L X W X H)
Reference resources




Installation Weight (Reference)




Power Supply

380V/-3(Relevant voltage can be customized according to different national standards)

Note 1: Water evaporation to air temperature 250 C,.
2: If you need more evaporation equipment, please make an online inquiry or call our company.

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