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Organic solvent closed cycle spray dryer
Device Name: Closed low temperature spray dryer
Equipment type: qfn - bl - 10
Equipment specifications: 10Kg/h (support customization)
Test machine: Supporting Test Machine to Do Experiments
Scope of application: Non-oxidized ceramics, superhard alloys, high-efficiency battery materials, condiments, healthy foods, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, organic drugs, synthetic resin, wax, etc.
Applicable scenarios: Scientific research, chemical industry, food, pesticide, medicine and biological industry in Universities
Is it guaranteed? Three-year National Warranty
Consultation telephone: 17317246351

(1) equipment introduction
       The organic solvent closed-circuit circulation spray dryer device is especially suitable for the organic solvent, and uses the inert gas medium formed by circulating nitrogen to replace the normal air medium to carry out spray drying. In addition to product recovery, organic solvents can also be recovered. This set of closed circulating spray system is specially designed for the characteristics of low flash point or slight toxicity of organic solvent and the characteristics of flammability and explosion.

1.1 explosion proof system:

The first layer of nitrogen explosion-proof: according to the nature of nitrogen inert gas, the whole pipeline adopts nitrogen circulation, and the system can operate normally only when the oxygen content is below 3%.

The second layer of industrial control is explosion-proof, the pressure is higher than 3000pa, the safety valve is opened, and the pressure can be relieved. Please consult the factory technical engineer for the detailed industrial control process.

The explosion-proof sheet of the third layer is explosion-proof. When the pressure in the drying tower system rises abnormally, the explosion-proof sheet on the top of the tower will open automatically for explosion relief

The fourth floor is explosion-proof, with ventilation system inside (optional), suitable for harmful gases

1.2 product features:

It can prevent oxidation, avoid danger and improve quality;

Easy to achieve aseptic and dust-free.

The solvent in the feed liquid can be recovered.

Thereby improving the degree of preservation of the aromatic components.

It can dry or cool the combustible liquid.

It is possible to dry the material liquid with very high heat sensitivity.

It can achieve low pollution and no pollution.

The odor removal device can be saved.

1.3 applicable products:

Non oxidizing ceramics, superhard alloys and high-efficiency battery materials. Seasoning and healthy food. Pharmaceuticals, vitamins and organic drugs. Synthetic resin, wax, etc.

2. Overall structure (subject to Qiao Feng's final design)

The equipment mainly consists of feeding system, heating system, atomization system, spray drying system, inert gas circulation system, product recovery system and condensation system.

2.1 feeding system

Including: proportioning tank, solvent tank, peristaltic pump, feeding pipeline and atomizer. First, put the prepared slurry into the proportioning tank. After mixing evenly, driven by the peristaltic pump, the slurry reaches the atomizer through the pipeline valve. The atomizer needs to be equipped with explosion-proof atomizer nozzle specially made by Shanghai Qiaofeng. The service life of the nozzle is guaranteed for one year.

2.2 heating system

The heating system is composed of nitrogen electric heating system. The closed heating element directly heats the drying medium (nitrogen) in the pipeline and passes through a group of pressure regulating control devices to control the temperature accuracy within ± 2 ℃

2.3 drying tower

The drying tower includes: tower body, explosion-proof lighting, gas distributor, temperature control equipment, pressure relief device, air inlet pipeline, air outlet pipeline, oxygen content measurement sensor and other components. The filter device needs to be set inside the air inlet pipeline; Under the heating effect of hot air, the atomized slurry volatilizes and dries to become powder and falls to the outlet at the bottom. The gas is discharged from the exhaust pipe for closed-circuit circulation,

2.4 product recovery system

The gas discharged from the bottom of the drying tower contains powder material and organic solvent vapor, which is recovered by the filter device. The powder material and organic solvent gas are separated, the powder material is recovered, and the organic gas enters the condenser for recovery and reuse.

2.5 gas circulation system

The gas circulation is completed by a set of circulating fans. The drying medium is output from the circulating fans, flows through the condensing device, electric heater, drying tower, cyclone separator or bag filter, and temperature resistant high-efficiency filter, and then returns to the circulating fans for reuse, forming a gas circulation system.

2.6 condensing system

The condensing system is composed of refrigerating unit, condenser, refrigerant circulating pump, filter, heat exchanger and connecting pipeline. The "wet" gas (including evaporated organic solvent vapor) discharged from the dust remover enters the condenser. The gas is cooled and liquid removed by the condenser and then returned to the gas circulation system. After being condensed and recovered, the organic solvent vapor is automatically discharged into the solvent tank through the liquid level controller at the bottom of the condenser.

2.7 atomization system

The system adopts hard contact of mechanical structure, without any sealing gasket and leakage. Different from the ordinary electric centrifugal nozzle, the overheated corrosive steam contacts the electric wire of the electric nozzle for a long time, thus corroding the wire, causing the plastic skin on the surface of the wire to corrode, soften and fall off, thus forming a short circuit.

3. Advantages of the equipment:

3.1 Qiaofeng innovative (qfn-blg-es-ver2018-1a) atomization system is adopted. The system adopts hard contact of mechanical structure, without any sealing gasket and leakage. Different from the ordinary electric centrifugal nozzle, the overheated corrosive steam will contact the wires of the electric nozzle for a long time under positive pressure, thus corroding the wires, causing the plastic skin on the surface of the wires to corrode, soften and fall off, thus forming a short circuit.

3.2 it can achieve ultrafine powder in the range of 1-8 microns, which is suitable for the preparation of battery materials

4. Equipment parameters





Minimum feed


Atomization structure

Centrifugal atomization + air atomization

Electronic control system

Qiaofeng closed circuit circulation atomization system (qfn-blg-es-ver2018-1a


Maximum inlet air temperature (degrees Celsius)


Diameter of drying chamber (mm)


Height of drying tower (mm)


Diameter of bursting disc (mm)


Heater capacity


Induced draft fan [power (kw), air volume (m) ³ / h)]


Compressor [power (kw), air volume (L / min)]


water chilling unit

Condensation temperature is selected according to different solvents

Standard of main electronic control accessories (including PLC, analog module and touch screen) (optional)

Siemens plc-1200
Siemens touch screen - upper computer
Module Siemens

Selection standard of electric control auxiliary accessories (including contactors, etc.) (optional)


Material contact part (optional)

sus304 sus316L

Tail gas recycling, energy saving more than 30% (optional)

Tail gas heat exchange

Atomizing nozzle (whether diamond coating is adopted)


Equipment warranty

One year warranty and lifelong maintenance

Power (installed capacity)


Dust collector mode

Bag dedusting and spray dedusting

Overall dimension (mm) (L × W × H)

reference resources


Installation weight (Reference)

About 3T

Power supply

Three phase five wire 380V 50Hz

Note 1: NMP evaporation is determined by the inlet air temperature of 280 ℃,

2: For equipment with larger evaporation capacity, please inquire online or call our company

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