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Small experimental closed spray drier
Device name: Small experimental closed spray dryer
Equipment type: qfn - bl - d1
Equipment specifications: 0.8Kg/h (support customized)
Test machine: Support test making experiment
Scope of application: Non-oxidized ceramics, superhard alloys, high-efficiency battery materials, condiments, healthy foods, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, organic drugs, synthetic resin, wax, etc.
Application scenario: Scientific research, chemical industry, food, pesticide, medicine, biological industry, etc.
Is it guaranteed? National three year warranty
Telephone: 17317246351

1 Introduction to equipment:

The device is specially aimed at organic solvents, and the inert gas medium formed by circulating nitrogen is used to replace the usual air medium for spray drying. In addition to recycling products, organic solvents can be recovered. In view of the characteristics of low flash point or micro toxicity of organic solvents, it is flammable and explosive. The closed cycle spray system is specially designed.

1.1 explosion protection system:

The first layer of nitrogen explosion-proof: according to the nature of inert nitrogen gas, the whole pipeline adopts nitrogen circulation, and the system with oxygen content below 3% can operate normally.

The second floor industrial control explosion-proof, pressure higher than 3000pa, safety valve open, pressure relief, detailed industrial control process please consult the factory technical engineer.

The third layer of explosion-proof sheet is explosion-proof. When the pressure in the drying tower system rises abnormally, the explosion-proof sheet on the top of the tower opens automatically and releases explosion.

Fourth layers of explosion-proof machine, with ventilation system (optional), suitable for harmful gases.

1.2 product features:

It can prevent oxidation and avoid danger and improve quality.

It is easy to achieve aseptic dust free.

It can recover the solvent in the liquid.

Improve the preservation of aromatic ingredients.

It is capable of drying or cooling granulation of flammable liquid.

It can dry high heat sensitive material.

It can achieve low pollution and pollution-free.

It can save smelly equipment.

It can be dried at temperatures below 100 degrees Celsius.

1.3 applicable products:

Non oxidizing ceramics, superhard alloys and high efficiency battery materials.Condiments and healthy food.Pharmaceuticals, vitamins, organic medicines.Synthetic resins, waxes, etc.

2 overall structure (based on the final design of Qiao Feng)

The equipment is mainly composed of feeding system, heating system, atomizing system, spray drying system, inert gas circulation system, product recovery system and condensing system.

2.1 feeding system

Including: mixing tank, solvent tank, feeding peristaltic pump, feeding pipeline, atomizer. First, the slurry is put into the mixing tank. Driven by the peristaltic pump, the slurry reaches the atomizer through the pipeline valve. The atomizer needs to be equipped with an explosion-proof atomizer nozzle specially made by Shanghai Qiaofeng. The service life of the nozzle is guaranteed and used. A year.

Two.2 heating system

The heating system consists of a nitrogen-electric heating system. The closed heating element directly heats the drying medium (nitrogen) in the pipeline and controls the temperature with a precision of <2 C through a set of pressure regulating control devices.

2.ThreeDry pagoda

The drying tower includes: tower body, explosion-proof lighting, gas distributor, temperature control equipment, pressure relief device, air inlet pipeline, air outlet pipeline, oxygen content measurement sensor and other components. The filter device is needed inside the air inlet pipeline. Under the heating effect of hot air, the atomized slurry evaporates and dries into powder dropping. The closed loop pipe is removed from the discharge port at the bottom and the gas is exhausted from the exhaust pipe.

2.4 product recovery system

The gas discharged from the bottom of the drying tower contains powders and organic solvent vapors. The powders and organic solvent gases are separated by a filter device, and the powders are recovered. The organic gases are recycled and reused in the condenser.

2.5 gas circulation system

Gas circulation is accomplished by a set of circulating fans. The drying medium is output from the circulating fan and flows through the condensation device, electric heater, drying tower, cyclone separator or bag filter, temperature-resistant and high-efficiency filter, then returns to the circulating fan for reuse, forming a gas circulation system.

2.6 condensing system

Condensation system consists of refrigeration unit, condenser, refrigerant circulating pump, filter, heat exchanger and connecting pipe. The "wet" gas discharged from the dust collector (including evaporated organic solvent vapor) enters the condenser. The gas is cooled by the condenser and then returned to the gas circulation system. The organic solvent vapor is recovered by condensation and automatically discharged into the solvent tank through the liquid level controller at the bottom of the condenser.

2.7 atomization system

The system adopts hard contact with mechanical structure, without any gasket and no leakage. Unlike ordinary electric centrifugal nozzles, overheated corrosive steam contacts the wires of electric nozzles for a long time, which corrodes the wires and causes the plastic skin on the surface of the wires to corrode, soften and fall off, thus forming a short circuit.

3. the advantages of the device are: 
3.1 Qiao Feng's innovative (QFN-BLG-ES-VER2018-1A) atomization system is adopted. The system adopts mechanical structure of hard contact, no gasket, no leakage. Unlike ordinary electric centrifugal nozzles, superheated corrosive vapor contacts the wires of the electric nozzles under positive pressure for a long time, which corrodes the wires and causes the plastic skin on the surface of the wires to corrode, soften and fall off, thus forming a short circuit.  
3.2 the ultrafine powder can be achieved in the range of 1-8 microns, which is suitable for the preparation of battery materials.

4.Equipment parameters:

Closed circulation low temperature spray dryer

qfn - bl - d1

qfn d3 - bl

qfn - bl - d5

Ethanol evaporation




Minimum feed quantity




Atomization structure

Atomization system (QFN-NZY1VER2018-1A)

Electronic control system

Qiao Feng closed cycle atomization system (QFN-BLD-ES-VER2018-1A)

Maximum inlet temperature (degree Celsius)

One hundred and forty

Drying chamber diameter (mm)




Height of drying tower (mm)




Explosion-proof chip diameter (mm)



One hundred and eight

Heater capacity




Induced draft fan [power (kw), air volume (m /h)]




Compressor [power (kw), air volume (L /min)]




Water chilling unit

50-60Hz (built in cryogenic cooling pump)

Standard of main electrical accessories (including PLC, analog module, touch screen) (optional)

Control module (standard), delta control module, SIEMENS control module, Germany.
Other kinds of other people, such as,

Standard of electrical auxiliary accessories selection (including Contactors) (optional)

CHINT (standard): Deli, Schneider.

Contact part with material (optional)

☑sus304 (标准)     □sus316   □其他 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Exhaust reuse, energy saving more than 30% (optional)

Do not assemble (standard).

Atomizing nozzle (optional, diamond coated)

(SUS304) (standard) SUS316 (standard) silicon carbide (standard) diamond

Equipment warranty

1 years (standard, above must be charged a certain maintenance cost) for 2 years, 3 years.

Power (installed capacity)




Pulse bag filter

PTFE membrane material




Outline dimension (mm) (L * W * H) reference




Installation weight (Reference)

500 pounds



Power supply

380V/-3 (can be customized according to different national standards)

Note 1: Ethanol evaporation to air temperature 140 C 2: For equipment with larger evaporation, please inquire online or call our company.

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