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QFN-DW series of low temperature spray dryer
Device name: Low temperature spray dryer
Equipment type: qfn - dw
Equipment specifications: 1Kg/h (support customized)
Test machine: Support test making experiment
Scope of application: Powdered and granular solid products are produced in solution, emulsion, suspension and paste liquid raw materials.
Application scenario: Scientific research, chemical industry, food, pesticide, medicine, biological industry, etc.
Is it guaranteed? National three year warranty
Telephone: 17317246351

Qiao Feng's low temperature spray dryer (QFN-PWDW series spray dryer can be realized in the range of 35 degrees to 100 degrees) can achieve a continuous 35 degree C low temperature spray dryer, with high recovery rate and retention of material activity. It can be made into a high temperature and low temperature spray drying machine (QFN-PWGD) series high and low temperature spray dryer which can achieve 35 to 220 degrees, and all can be spray dried. Typical materials: the cryogenic equipment, such as protease, camel milk, enzyme preparation, plant extract and so on, is carefully made by our company for heat sensitive materials. It can keep the original material activity, such as polymer, microorganism, sugar containing material, etc., which can be customized according to the requirements of the user. It can be used at low temperature, and can be used in high temperature test. Use an integrated device.

Experimental low temperature spray dryer;
1. solve the problem of material regain
2. the minimum amount of treatment is 50ml/ per hour;
3. inlet air temperature: 35-140 degrees (if QFN-GD series is selected, inlet temperature: 35-220 degrees, large section dry);
4. can be upgraded to high and low temperature spray drying machine.

Low temperature spray dryer and its main application in Colleges and universities, Research Institute and food, medicine, chemical industry, enterprise, laboratory production of micro particle powder, the solution such as emulsion, suspension has broad spectrum applicability, suitable for the drying of thermal sensitive substances such as biological products, biological agricultural drugs, enzymes, and so on, because the sprayed material is only in When spray into fog size droplets, it is only subjected to a dry wind system, so it is only instantly heated to keep these active materials from being destroyed after drying. The spray dryer can be used for spray drying at room temperature, low temperature atomization drying and high and low temperature atomization and drying dual-purpose machine.

The use of P.I.D temperature control system.  
Motor inverse and overload protection function.  
* simple and compact structure, convenient maintenance, low failure rate.  
The stainless steel material of the whole machine is bright and generous.  
Color LCD touch-screen parameters display: inlet temperature / outlet temperature / peristaltic pump speed / air volume / needle frequency.  
Qiao Feng's innovative dry air system can achieve low temperature drying.
Automatic control: one key opening, setting the spray process parameters, the temperature reaches the predetermined temperature, the peristaltic pump starts to start, the touch screen shows the operation animation, the operation process is clearly displayed; when the machine is shut down, only the stop key is needed, the machine automatically and safely shutdown the machine.  
Manual control: if you want to adjust the process parameters in the process of experiment, you can switch to manual state settings conveniently.  
There is a nozzle cleaner (through the needle), which will be automatically removed when the nozzle is blocked, and the frequency of the needle can be adjusted automatically.  
Shutdown protection function: when the machine is shut down, the machine only needs to press the stop key, and the machine stops running immediately outside the fan, so that the equipment will not cause the heating part to burn out because of the misoperation.  
The spray, drying and collection system is made of high quality stainless steel, so that the drying process can be carried out in a non polluting environment.  
* built in imported all oil-free air compressor, the diameter of powder injection is normal distribution, liquidity is very good, noise is very low, less than 60dB.  
Two the atomizing structure of the fluid spray, the whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel, and the design is compact without auxiliary equipment.  
Drying temperature control design adopts real-time control PID constant temperature control technology, so that the whole temperature zone temperature control is accurate, heating temperature control accuracy is + 1 degrees Celsius.  
The feed quantity can be adjusted by feeding peristaltic pump, and the minimum sample volume can reach 50ml.  
Dry powder has a uniform particle size, and more than 95% of dry powder is in the same particle size range.  
For viscous materials, there is a nozzle cleaner (through the needle), which will automatically remove when the nozzle is blocked, and the frequency of the needle can be adjusted automatically.

Technical parameters of cooling system
The latest design of micro computer precision constant temperature control system
Well designed and carefully designed refrigeration system with high cooling efficiency, low cooling, low noise and small vibration. Compressor cascade refrigeration system and heat exchange system ensure the reliable operation and rapid cooling of the instrument.
Humanized design: the two side folding handle is convenient to move the instrument, and the heavy-duty self-locking castor is convenient to move.  
The cryogenic tank adopts advanced integral foaming process, which has good heat insulation performance and effectively reduces the cold loss.
The professional cycle design ensures good horizontal and vertical uniformity of the liquid in the tank, temperature fluctuation is + 0.05 degrees C, and the display resolution is 0.1 degree C
The inner groove and the box body are all made of high quality stainless steel and dry wind system to effectively reduce dry air temperature.

The advantage of the equipment:
Compared with other types of drying equipment:


Low temperature spray dryer

High temperature spray dryer

Freezing dryer

Minimum evaporation temperature


One hundred and eighty


Whether or not at low temperature (<35 degree) drying




drying temperature




Suitable for aerobic bacteria




Suitable for anaerobic bacteria




Final material properties (activity, fragrance, etc.)




The final collection of powder to the tide

No tide

Get damp

No tide

drying time



>24 hours

Plant extract spray dryer




Black wolfberry (big sticky, easy to damp)




Camel milk (low temperature, high activity)




Protease (low temperature, high activity)




Chemical synthesis (high temperature synthesis)




Chemical synthesis (low temperature synthesis)




Technical parameters:

Low temperature spray dryer

qfn - dw-One

qfn - dw-Three

qfn - dw-Five

Water evaporation




Minimum feed volume




The diameter of the drying chamber (mm)




Height of dry tower (mm)




Low temperature dry wind system




Cooling water circulation system

QFN-CWCS-1 (built-in cryogenic cooling cycle pump)

QFN-CWCS-3 (built-in cryogenic cooling cycle pump)

QFN-CWCS-5 (built-in cryogenic cooling cycle pump)

Atomization structure

Atomization system (QFN-DW-NZI1VER2018-1A)

Electronic control system

Jo Feng low temperature atomization system (QFN-DW-ES-VER2018-1A)

Maximum inlet temperature (centigrade)

One hundred

Dry temperature section (centigrade)


Standard of main electrical accessories (including PLC, analog module, touch screen) (optional)

Control module (standard), delta control module, SIEMENS control module, Germany.
On the other hand

Standard of electrical auxiliary accessories selection (including Contactors) (optional)

CHINT (standard): Deli, Schneider.

Contact with the material (optional)

☑sus304 (标准)     □sus316   □其他 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Exhaust reutilization, energy saving over 30% (optional)

Assembly (standard) / assembly

Atomizing nozzle (using diamond coating)

(SUS304) (standard) SUS316 (standard) silicon carbide (standard) diamond

Equipment warranty

1 years (standard, above must be charged a certain maintenance cost) for 2 years, 3 years.

Heater capacity




Air blower [power (kw), air volume (m /h)]




Compressor [power (kw), air volume (L /min)]




Electric power (installed capacity)




Thermal insulation material


50mm glass fiber insulated cotton

50mm glass fiber insulated cotton

Pulse bag filter (selection)

Polytetrafluoroethylene film mulching material




Shape size (mm) (L x W x H) (Reference)




Installation weight (Reference)

500 pounds



Power supply

380V/-3 (can be customized according to different national standards)


Note 1: water evaporation with inlet temperature of 80 2:, if more evaporation is required, please inquire online or call our company.


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