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Production of food freezing dryer QFN DGJ - FD series
Device name: Freeze dryer for producing food
Equipment type: qfn - dgj - ex - 20m2
Dry area: 20m2 (support customized)
Test machine: Support test making experiment
Scope of application: Vegetables, fruits, plants, flowers, condiments, aquatic products, biological products, medicines, beverages, specimens, etc.
Application scenario: Scientific research, chemical industry, food, pesticide, medicine, biological industry, etc.
Is it guaranteed? National three year warranty
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  • productSummary

The vacuum freeze drying technology is the most advanced technology of food dehydration in the world. Compared with the common drying method, the frozen dried food produced by this technology has the characteristics of long shelf life, good rehydration, and its color, aroma, taste and nutrition are good, and the volume and shape of the food after drying are basically the same. It can be widely used in the fields of vegetables, fruits, condiments, aquatic products, biological products, pharmaceuticals, beverages and specimens. It
QFN-DGJ-FD series vacuum freeze-drying equipment is a new generation of food processing equipment developed by our company on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology and combining the advantages of domestic products. It is a new contribution made by our company for the long term for the service of food processing industry. It
QFN-DGJ-FD series vacuum freeze-drying equipment mainly include: food prefreeze system, drying warehouse system, heating system, vacuum system, refrigeration system, material transmission system, media system, pneumatic system, cleaning and disinfection system.

  • Working principle

Vacuum freeze-drying is a drying method to remove water from solid state and remove moisture from solid state at -30 C in a rapid freezing and vacuum environment. It

  • Product features
  • In the vacuum system, the combination of water seal pump and oil seal pump is used. The initial exhaust air is quickly pre pumped by the high power oil seal pump group, and the work of the low power roots water seal pump group is maintained. The energy consumption can be reduced and water vapor can be pumped out of the water seal pump, which avoids the malpractice of the vacuum degree of the system because of the poor drainage performance of the oil seal pump and the emulsification and deterioration of the pump oil by water vapor.
  • The heating is a closed water circulation system. The heating amount of the circulating system is automatically adjusted by three - way regulating valve. The temperature of the heating plate is controlled accurately, and the nitrogen gas is automatically fixed to ensure the working temperature of the hot water to 120.
  • Compared with the external cold trap, the channel is short, the resistance is small, the water vapor path is smooth, the water vapor capture is smooth, and the water capture efficiency is improved. The cold water trap adopts the unique way of ammonia single cycle refrigeration. Compared with the general liquid supply mode, the refrigerant supply liquid has good stability and is easy to operate. Small and medium equipment can be freon refrigeration and regulated by expansion valve. It
  • main parameter

Parameter / model

qfn - dgj - ex - 20m2

qfn - dgj - ex - 25m2

qfn - dgj - ex - 30m2

qfn - dgj - ex - 50m2

QFN - DGJ - FD - 100m2

Dry area m2





One hundred

Feed volume KG/ batch

Two hundred

Two hundred and fifty

Three hundred

Five hundred

One thousand

Lamellar size MM






Lamellar number






Plate number (block)






Maximum amount of water (KG)

Three hundred

Three hundred and eighty

Four hundred and fifty

Seven hundred and fifty

One thousand and five hundred

Equipment cooling


Baffle temperature

-35 ~ +100℃


不锈钢aisi 304

Minimum temperature of cold well


Condenser cooling: from +20 C to -40 C

<40 minutes (if room temperature is below 25 degrees C)

Whole machine weight (KG)

Eight thousand

Nine thousand

Eleven thousand

Twenty thousand

Forty thousand

Whole machine power (KW)




One hundred

One hundred and eighty

Note: the product can be selected and customized according to the product characteristics and daily output of the freeze-dried products.

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