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The DMIX vacuum low temperature drying machine
Device name: DMIX vacuum low temperature drier
Equipment type: - dmix系列 qfn
Equipment specifications: 20~30L/ batch (support customized)
Test machine: Support test making experiment
Scope of application: Crystal material mixing, high efficiency drying, wide application scope.
Application scenario: Scientific research, chemical industry, food, pesticide, medicine, biological industry, etc.
Is it guaranteed? National three year warranty
Telephone: 17317246351
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  1. Product overview

The spiral belt heating cone vacuum dryer is a high efficiency multifunctional closed vacuum vertical drying equipment, which combines drying and mixing. Its drying efficiency is 3~5 times the same standard "double cone rotary vacuum dryer".

  1. Characteristics and functions of equipment structure
  2. The heating inside the ribbon can be selected to increase the overall heating area by 30%.
  3. The spiral stirrer can achieve the effect of circulating mixing from bottom to top, and can achieve efficient forced heat transfer performance. Under the condition of material loading rate of 30% to 100%, 100% of the heating can be utilized. It is suitable for mixing and drying of crystal materials.
  4. All closed system, no foreign matter pollution, high cleanliness, especially suitable for aseptic biologics, medicines and other mixed and dry.
  5. The spacing between the stirrer and the heating spiral belt and the cone is 5mm to 8mm. Compared with the double cone vacuum mixing dryer, the main body of the equipment does not need to rotate, and the vacuum suction port does not need to rotate the joint. It is more effective to ensure the vacuum degree and the stability of the work.
  6. The cone type cylinder structure with small angle makes the discharging speed fast, clean and no accumulation.
  7. The tank and discharge valves can be cleaned online (CIP) and online sterilized (SIP).
  8. The vacuum gate dust filtration adopts titanium alloy sintering net, which can be repeatedly cleaned and used, with high strength and no fiber falling and breakage. Back blowing can be used to clean ash.
  9. The device has compact structure, smooth operation, good sealing, no lubrication and leakage, simple operation and long service life.
  1. Working principle

The machine is made of an explosion-proof motor, which is rotated by the reducer driven by a reducer, with the animal material rotated along the cone wall and raised from bottom to top. After the material reaches the highest point, the material reaches the vortex center back to the bottom of the cone cylinder by the action of gravity and inertia, and a series of processes make the material be forced to heat in the cone cylinder and spread to each other. Convection, shear, dislocation and mixing make the material make a full range of irregular reciprocating movement, complete the exchange of heat transfer between the material with the snail and the wall of the wall, and achieve the effect of heating and drying in a short time.

  1. Equipment configuration sheet

Serial number

Device name

Texture of material


Place of Origin



Inside 304 outside 304


Our factory



Inside 304 outside 304


Our factory


Spindle and snail belt

Three hundred and four


Our factory


Transmission motor



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Buy out


Blanking valve

304 turn plate valve


Our factory


Vacuum tube cover

titanium alloy

5 microns

Buy out


Mirror observation hole

Temperature resistant glass


2 foreign purchases


Temperature probe



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Heating plate



Buy out


Direct reading thermometer





Buffer tank

Three hundred and four


Our factory


Vacuum pump



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Circulating water tank

Three hundred and four


Our factory


Electrical control cabinet

PLC control

Touch screen

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technical parameter

  1. The use of temperature in a device tank: 20~100 C
  2. Electric heating temperature: 0~100 C
  3. Working pressure of the equipment: the inside of the tank: 0~-0.098MPa
  4. Heating area in equipment: 0.6m
  5. Equipment volume: 50L, processing capacity: 20~30L/ batch
  6. Heating medium: electric heating
  7. Equipment installed power: 6kw
  8. Use of voltage: single phase 220V-50HZ
  9. Stirring speed: 1-36 (RPM)
  10. Dry end water: 1000ppm
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