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QFN FSD - 1 lab spray freeze drying machine
Device name: Laboratory spray freeze dryer
Equipment type: qfn - fsd - 1
Drying ability: 1500ml/ times (support customized)
Test machine: Support test making experiment
Scope of application: Solution, suspension, emulsion, etc.
Application scenario: Scientific research, chemical industry, food, pesticide, medicine, biological industry, etc.
Is it guaranteed? National three year warranty
Telephone: 17317246351

QFN-FSD-1 laboratory spray freezing dryer is an original product developed by Shanghai Qiao Maple Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. combined with spray drying technology and vacuum freeze drying technology. Since the product came out, we have been steadily improving in function, performance and usability. At present, every batch of standard YC-3000 spray freeze dryer Maximum treatment capacity is 2000ML/ times, the drying time is less than 6 hours, the custom type spray freeze dryer batch processing volume reached 5000ML/ times and 10L/ times, gradually formed from the laboratory test, to test a series of spray freeze drying products.

Scope of application: 
QFN-FSD-1 laboratory freeze spray dryer is suitable for heat sensitive, viscous, active materials and low temperature drying of materials with high sugar content, such as natural product extract of Chinese herbal medicine, dairy products, biological agents, enzyme preparations, fruit juice, polymer materials and so on.

Main features:

  1. The QFN-FSD-1 laboratory spray freeze drying machine combines the two people with the spray drying and the vacuum freeze drying. The drying time is very short and the drying time is not more than 5 hours (2000ML/ times). The traditional vacuum freeze drying time is greatly shortened, and the dried material is powdery solid after drying, and the drying is frozen by spray freeze drying. The original biological and chemical properties of the articles are basically unchanged, and they are easy to preserve for a long time.
  2. QFN-FSD-1 laboratory spray freeze dryer uses air-cooled condensing type full closed compressor refrigeration system, rapid cooling, freezing for low temperature, moisture adsorption capacity, temperature and vacuum are digital display, accurate and intuitive;
  3. The refrigerated spray dried articles were heated by natural air heating to maintain the safety of samples.
  4. The main engine is equipped with a vacuum pump power plug without additional power supply, which is convenient to use.
  5. The international standard clamp is adopted for vacuum connection, which is convenient and reliable.
  6. The performance is stable, the operation is simple and the noise is low.
  7. QFN-FSD-1 laboratory spray freeze drying machine compared with the traditional freeze drying machine: liquid material can easily stick wall, organic fast freeze drying (extract juice, etc.), and the dried products were particle state, good fluidity, the particle size can be adjusted in a certain range.

Technical parameters: 
1) color LCD touch-screen parameters display: drying chamber temperature / peristaltic pump speed / fan frequency / needle frequency / drying chamber pressure;
2) processing capacity: 2000ml/ times (drying time is less than 6 hours, in addition, Shanghai Joe Feng Industrial Equipment Co. Ltd. has developed 3L/ times, 5L/ times, 10L/ times of spray freeze dryer, the amount of processing welcomed the consultation);
3) the spray head is a new concentric spray head. The atomization is not eccentric, and the spray head can move up and down, which is conducive to the adjustment of the best atomization process.
4) spray freezing temperature: <-15 C;
5) cold well temperature: less than -60 C;
6) the power of the vacuum pump is <2KW;
7) limit vacuum pressure <20Pa (no-load);
8) spray pressure: 2-5BAR (spray pressure adjustable);
9) air compressor output of air compressor: 4.2M3/h;
10) cold wind volume: 5.5M3/min;

Laboratory spray freeze dryer part of the users (ranking No. 
The Institute of biological research, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Guangdong Pharmaceutical University / Changhai Hospital / Xihua University / Beijing University of Agriculture / Beijing electronic Career Technical College / Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Academy / Beijing / Hubei National University of nationalities / Hubei Coca Cola Co / National University of Singapore / Da Bei agricultural Pharmaceutical Co., / Hong Kong University Science & Technology / South China Agricultural University / Tongji University / Xinqiao Hospital / South China Agricultural University / Wuhan Light Industrial University / Wuhan Institute of aquatic biology / Academy of Sciences / Academy of Sciences / Hunan Agricultural University / Beijing Institute of chemical defense / Sichuan University of Science and Engineering / Zhejiang University / Shanghai Business School

Serial number


QFN-FSD-1 laboratory spray freezing dryer


Drying capacity

1500ml/ times, each drying time is less than 6 hours (from feed to discharge).


Spray freezing temperature

- 20~ - 40oC



< - Sponge


Vacuum pump power



Maximum vacuum pressure



Spray pressure

2-5Bar (adjustable)


compressed air

4.2 m3 / h


Type of spray head

Two fluid



Marking 0.7mm/ (0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0mm optional)


body material

Their 304不锈钢


Operation mode

Automatic / manual


Sealing element

Silica gel


Vacuum display




7-Inch LCD shows, with USB interface


Sample safety

Vacuum cryogenic mode


Particle size after drying

Maximum 120um

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