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QFN experiment - the VSD - 1 type vacuum spray drier
Device name: Experimental vacuum spray dryer
Equipment type: qfn - vsd - 1
Equipment parameters: 1500ml/h (support customized)
Test machine: Support test making experiment
Scope of application: Solution, suspension, emulsion, etc.
Application scenario: Scientific research, chemical industry, food, pesticide, medicine, biological industry, etc.
Is it guaranteed? National three year warranty
Telephone: 17317246351

QFN-VSD-1 experimental vacuum spray dryer (QFN-VSD-1 ultra low temperature spray dryer) is the innovative product of Shanghai Qiao Feng Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. in the field of spray drying for 12 years. It is the most effective way of fast drying of heat sensitive materials. It has realized the instant drying of the material at low temperature (the lowest 50 degrees), and it is a thermosensitive material. To provide a very convenient extremely safe drying method, such as enzyme bacteria and other biological products, Chinese herbal medicines containing natural extracts with high sugar, high polymer material heat, heat gasification material and so on.

Technical features:

1) QFN-VSD-1 experimental vacuum spray dryer spray drying the drying process in a vacuum environment, greatly reduce the drying temperature, solves the problem of dry heat sensitive material containing sugar material biological material spray. It
2) color touch screen operation: heating temperature PID constant temperature control, peristaltic pump feeding speed can be adjusted at any time. It
3) the spray head of the QFN-VSD-1 experimental vacuum spray dryer is a concentric spray head. When the atomization ensures without any eccentricity, it can be sprayed to the side of the bottle wall, and the spray head can move up and down after installation, in order to adjust the atomization position to improve the spray drying effect; two the atomization structure of the fluid spray, the precision stainless steel material is used for precision system It has compact design, no auxiliary equipment, and convenient use. It
4) the QFN-VSD-1 experimental vacuum spray dryer adopts the noise reduction and shock absorption system developed by our department to effectively reduce the noise of vacuum pumps and air compressors. It
5) in order to meet the needs of the user to adjust the parameters in the experimental range, the real-time regulation of PID temperature control technology in the design of drying temperature control, the temperature control of all temperature accurately, the heating temperature control accuracy of plus or minus 1 DEG C. It
6) the feed quantity can be adjusted by feeding peristaltic pump, and the rated capacity is 1500mL/H.

Technical parameters:

  1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and atomized by two fluid atomization.
  2. Spray head for concentric atomization spray head, ensure no eccentric to spray to the bottle wall side, after the installation of the spray head can move up and down, in order to adjust the position to improve the atomization spray drying effect;
  3. The rating of the rated material: 1500mL/H;
  4. The minimum sample size is 50mL (depending on the solid content of the material).
  5. Real time control of PID thermostat control technology, heating and temperature control accuracy: + 1 C;
  6. Nozzle caliber: 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm optional, and can be customized according to customer requirements.
  7. The power of the whole machine: 6KW/380V;
  8. At low temperature (50 DEG C) under the conditions of complete instantaneous spray drying (1500ML/H), moisture content after drying is lower than 1% in the dry condition, easy oxidation, volatile, heat sensitive substances can maintain the chemical structure and biological activity;
  9. The vacuum degree is -0.05 to 0.08MPA;
  10. Color LCD touch screen operation control, full Chinese operation interface.

The list of users of some laboratory spray dryer (rank is not divided):

General Electric (GE) Shanghai R & D center / Tsinghua University (30) / Hong Kong University Science & Technology / South China University of Technology (8) / CAS Chemistry Institute (3) / Shandong Yanzhou Mining Group Shanghai R & D center / Zhejiang University (2) / Jiangnan University / 5 / 5 Qing Medical University / Huazhong University of Science and Technology (19) / Qiingdao University medical school / Shenyang Pharmaceutical University / Shanghai Nader Bioengineering Co., Ltd. / Guangdong Pharmaceutical University / Shenyang Pharmaceutical University / Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Yantai Fisheries Research Institute / Yantai / Jiangxi section Institute of technical college / Sichuan Institute of traditional Chinese medicine / Zhengzhou Institute of fruit tree research, China Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Anhui University / Wangnan Medical College / Dalian University / Huaiyin Institute of Technology / Wuxi sun green treasure technology limited / Shanghai science and technology management school / Zhejiang province / Shanghai Academy of Medical Sciences / Zhejiang Changxin Renheng / Sichuan University of Science and Engineering / Sichuan de race Chemical Co. / Ltd. / the Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute of China Academy of Fisheries / fisheries / Changshu Institute Of Technology / Zhejiang University of Science and Technology / Shanghai Univer / Shanghai Bright Dairy / Nanotek / Inc / LABENTECH CO. / (Korea) / Ningxia Yipin bioengineering Limited by Share Ltd / Tianjin golden yew amino acid Limited / Zhejiang Hua Hai pharmaceutical / Lanzhou Petrochemical College of Vocational Technology / Zhejiang Provincial Museum? / Forestry Academy Nanjing Forestry Institute / CAS Process Engineering Institute (3) / Su Kehan (Weifang) bioengineering Limited / Heilongjiang 93 grain and oil industry group / Yichun College / Heilongjiang biotechnology, Career Academy / Tianjin University / CAS Lanzhou Chemicals Institute / Southeast University / Chinese Academy of Sciences / chemical and Chemical Research Institute / Beijing University of Chinese Medicine / Southeast University / Lanzhou Veterinary Institute / Lanzhou / Veterinary Institute / Qingdao farmer / Qingdao farmer Industry university / Ningbo Polytechnic / Chengdu University / Southwestern University Food College / Hebei University of Technology / Xiangtan University Chemical Institute / Ningxia tantalum / Hebei new Austria group / Guangdong spice / Chinese spice / Guangdong double steed / National Archives / CAS Ningbo Materials Institute / CAS Shanghai silicic acid Salt Research Institute / Dalian Institute of Sciences / CAS / CAS Hefei solid / Tianjin Armed Police Medical School / Baotou Chinese medicine Limited / Baotou medicine Limited / Kyushu Pharmacy / Kyushu Pharmacy / Tongji University / Wuhan Ding long chemical / Capital University of Chinese medicine / capital Chinese Medicine University / Yonghe soybean milk / Hunan University / Nanchang University / Henan University of Science and Technology / Henan University of Science and Technology / Beijing / Shandong / Shandong Blue gold biological / Jinjian egg industry / Dongying annay / Henan Academy of Science / Jiangsu Suli chemical / Hangzhou Hangman essence Co., Chongqing Research Institute / Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics / University of Shanghai for Science and Technology / Shanghai lasting Hong industry / Shanghai czehong Pigment Chemical Group Limited public / French Rhodia group



QFN-VSD-1 vacuum spray dryer


Rated drying capacity

Maximum 1500ml/h (aqueous solution)


Minimum inlet air temperature



heating power



Compressed gas

4.2 m³/h, 2-5bar



0.7mm standard / (5 / 4 / 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0mm available)


Spray head

Two fluid, concentric spray head, atomizing is not eccentric, spray head can move up and down.


Particle size after drying

1 - 25um


Operation mode

Automatic / manual


Maximum feed volume

1500ml / hourly


Minimum material handling capacity



Drying room material

Sus 304 不锈钢


Air inlet temperature range



Cyclone separator material

SUS-304 stainless steel


Rack material

SUS-304 stainless steel


Seal ring

Silica gel


Air outlet temperature

Minimum 40 degrees centigrade



7-Inch LCD display, with USB interface


Temperature protection



Spray head material

Their l不锈钢 316

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