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For a long time, Joe maple is in the very hard environment of entrepreneurship, with hard work, diligence, hard work, hard work, perseverance, optimistic and rapid growth, after the ideological collision of leaders, thought precipitation, gradually formed the characteristics of the enterprise culture with the characteristics of Joe maple.

Joe Maple firmly believes: the rainbow after the rain is particularly beautiful! Do not experience wind and rain, frustrations, do not achieve the grand cause of Qiao Feng!
Qiao Feng, pursuing excellence is boundless, keeping pace with the times and creating the future.
Qiao Feng, do business with love, and be grateful with your heart.
Qiao Feng, pursuing value is the starting point of our work, creating value is the motive force of our life, and realizing value is our constant pursuit.

Qiao Feng's supreme aphorism:
1, life exists because of struggle, and struggle for life is eternal.
2, face changes, rational treatment, full communication, sincere cooperation.
3, qualified employees start from strict compliance.
4, based on the new starting point, open a new situation.
5, to shape the quality of people and to establish the management foundation.
6, the enterprise is people-oriented, and the employees are proud of the factory.
7, learn from each other and care for each other.
8, changing concepts and changing style of work, so that enterprise culture is endless.
9, the traditional farewell yesterday, towards a standardized future.
10, the success of an enterprise comes from the efforts of every employee.
11, strive to become first-class employees, create first-class products, create first-class enterprises.
12, in order to have good irrigation, good results can be achieved.
13, our philosophy is: no best, only better.

Culture needs inheritance, culture needs improvement, and continuous improvement is the essence of corporate culture. We should inherit the excellent culture of Joe maple, further integrate, promote and innovate, continue to learn and change bravely, and finally form the characteristics of Qiao Feng company, and show a competitive, dynamic and characteristic industry leading benchmarking enterprise in the industry.

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