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Causes and problems of small spray dryer sticking to the wall?
2020/8/24 14:12:18

Fault 1: Type of drying The reasons and problems of wall sticking are as follows
Causes and solutions:
(1) The feeding speed of the material is too fast and the quantity is too large, so it can not be completely dried. The solution is to slow down the feeding speed and quantity, and adjust the peristaltic pump properly.
(2) The operation was not carried out according to the requirements of the manual, and the main tower was not heated. The solution was to increase the inlet and outlet temperature of the dryer.
Fault two: there are a lot of impurities in the material
Causes and solutions:
(1) Air dryer There are impurities in the material, which are not filtered out during filtration. The solution of small spray dryer is to check the air filter and replace the filter screen according to the situation.
(2) The purity of material and liquid is not high. The solution is to sample the liquid and filter out the impurities.
(3) There are impurities in the equipment. The solution is to clean the equipment comprehensively on a regular basis to remove impurities.
Fault 3: serious powder running and low product recovery rate
Causes and solutions:
(1) Cyclone separator problems, the solution is to check the cyclone separator, check whether there is a gap, and whether the air tightness is intact.
(2) The dust removal performance is low, and the solution is to appropriately increase the secondary dust removal.
Fault 4: the equipment is noisy
Causes and solutions:
In general, if the atomization disc is found to be in normal working condition, whether the lubrication plate is in normal working condition or not should be checked if the bearing is in normal working condition.
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