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Features and parameters introduction of spray granulation drier
Device Name: Spray granulation drier
Equipment type: QFN -Z -5.
Equipment specifications: 5Kg/h (support customization)
Test machine: Support the test machine to do the experiment
Scope of application: Various granules and pellets, etc.
Applicable scenarios: Scientific research, chemical industry, food, pesticide, medicine and biological industry in Universities
Is it guaranteed? Three-year National Warranty
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1. productsSummary

      sprayGranulation dryerGroup B is a multi-purpose unit developed by referring to advanced technology at home and abroad, which has been extensively used in chemical industry, light industry, food industry and so on.spray dryingTechnology. The unit has the advantages of short heating time, high thermal efficiency and complete dust removal system.
The core device of the unit is a granulating atomizer. Thereby, the liquid is atomized into micron droplets and dried rapidly by hot air. The dried particles are recovered by bottom feeding bottle and the powder is recovered by cyclone separator. The maximum design inlet temperature is 250 C, and the outlet temperature is about 145 C.
The material of drying tower body and accessories is selected by customers. The power of electric heating is about 25 KW.The arrangement of equipment can be arranged according to the actual needs of users.
       sprayGranulator dryer is a set of granulating spray dryer developed by Shanghai Qiao Feng. The QFN-ZL series granulating spray dryer (Qiao Feng exclusive) is a special double air blowing granulator spray nozzle, which is a major innovation in China. It directly transforms uniform spherical droplets into particles through uniform heat.

It can be used in experiments and small-scale production, with good precision and uniform particles. Because of its small size, the equipment can be installed in ordinary laboratories. The core parts are imported equipment, and the other parts are produced by well-known domestic manufacturers to ensure the stability and safety of products.

2. Product characteristics

  1. Aerosol head, Qiaofeng double gas feeding liquid granulating nozzle
  2. Atomization mode: from bottom to top, increase the time of droplets staying in the air
  3. The particle size ranges from 5 micron to 250 micron, and the particle size can be adjusted.
  4. Satisfactory particle size requirements can be obtained by adjusting the air flow in inner and outer rings.
  5. The cap design in the tower can intercept the target particles more effectively.

3. Equipment parameters

sprayGranulation dryer

QFN -ZL.-Five

QFN -ZL.-Ten

QFN -ZL.-Fifteen

Water evaporation




Minimum feed rate




Drying chamber diameter (mm)




Height of drying tower (mm)




Atomization system

Dual Gas Delivery (QFN-ZL-NZW3VER2018-1A)

Electric control system


Maximum intake temperature (Celsius)

Two hundred and sixty

Standards for main electronic control accessories (including PLC, analog module, touch screen) (optional)

Dimension Control Module (Standard)Delta Control Module_German Siemens Control Module

Selection Standard for Electronic Control Auxiliary Parts (Contactors, etc.) (Optional)

Zhengtai (Standard) Delicious Schneider Others________

Contact with material (optional)

"9745;SUS304 (26631;" 20934; 160;"160;" 160;"SUS316"160;"160;" 160;"D"20854;"20182;

Tail gas reuse, energy saving more than 30% (optional)

Non-assembly (Standard) Assembly

Atomizing nozzle (whether diamond coating is used)

SUS304 (Standard) SUS316 (Standard) SiC (Standard) Diamond

Equipment warranty

_1 year (standard, above need to charge a certain maintenance fee)2 years_3 years

Heater capacity




Blower [power (kw), air volume (m/min)]




Induced draft fan [power (kw), air volume (m/h)]




Compressor [Power (kw), Air Volume (L/min)]




Electricity (installed capacity)




Thermal insulation material

50mm Glass Fiber Thermal Insulation Cotton

50mm Glass Fiber Thermal Insulation Cotton

50mm Glass Fiber Thermal Insulation Cotton

_Pulse bag filter (optional)

Polytetrafluoro Film Coating Material

9 Only

12 only

21 only

Profile Size (mm) (L *W *H) (Reference)




Installation Weight (Reference)




Power Supply

380V/-3(Relevant voltage can be customized according to different national standards)

Note 1: Water evaporation to air temperature 250 C,.
2: If you need more evaporation equipment, please make an online inquiry or call our company.

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